Comparison IBM Sterling OMS Vs Oracle OMS

Comparison IBM Sterling OMS Vs Oracle OMS

If you are definitely at the point where you are about to roll a coin to pick between Oracle and IBM I would revisit the reporting manager and your immediate sales team.  Both of these organizations are so higher than 95% of the company you would never associate with. 

Oracle OMS (Order Management Server)

Oracle Management Server (OMS) is a Web-based request that orchestrates with the Management Agents and the plug-ins to discover targets, monitor and manage them and store the collected information in a repository for later reference and analysis. The OMS also executes the user interface for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. It is a software system that functions as a middle tier among Oracle intelligent agents and Oracle management consoles.

Oracle Order Management drives the order fulfillment process of any business. There is a mechanical fulfillment process without customization. It captures multi-channel interest from sources including EDI, XML, telesales or web storefronts.

Comparison of Oracle OMS and IBM OMS


Oracle Enterprise Manager enables administrators to sustain the highest level of performance and availability while controlling system management expenses. This section describes the primary benefits of Oracle Enterprise Manager and its scalability, power, and reliability.

IBM Sterling Order Management provides the facility to “order from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere, and return to anywhere.”

Capabilities of Sterling OMS

•    Support multiple channels
•    Out-of-the-box level capabilities and returns management source fields.
•    A sophisticated order sourcing and order routing system and many other

Sterling OMS Benefits

•    Lower excess inventory across the supply chain
•    Superior “perfect order” fulfillment rates
•    Greater efficiency in managing and fulfilling orders across your extended enterprise
•    Increased responsiveness to market and customer changes and customer satisfaction and future       orders

Pros and cons on IBM Sterling OMS by real-time users

  • Centralized order management
  •  Node Sourcing and scheduling
  • Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Solid integration framework 
  • Product Documentation   
  • The wider variety of sourcing configuration
  • COM Features need to better so that Customer case handling is facilitated
  • RCP Based deployment

Both the Oracle OMS and Sterling OMS are very profitable for the future growth of a business. According to my analysis, presently IBM Sterling OMS is used in many companies as it is providing many prosperous benefits to the various organizations.

Therefore like others have stated, really there is no “best” outside of a particular use-case. The better of these two depends on your aims, purposes and requirements more than anything more about this point.

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  1. Oracle Management Server(OMS) is different from the Order Management Offering of Oracle.



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